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Connecticut Swanky Franks

The Lord said to get off at this exit, so we stopped here at this gas station.

We decided to stop here at Swanky Franks to eat.  


We were taking pictures and thought that Rebecca (the waitress) reminded me of my daughter. I saw the brownie on the menu and then Rebecca just started making it for me. I said No! No? But she said “its on me”

Brownie with Ice Cream

“I cannot eat desert before lunch” I said. “Of course you can” Rebecca replied. The phone rings and I am talking about he Lord while Rebecca is overhearing the conversation. She then said “you have to come to my church and meet my Pastor”. “But I don’t have time to, we have a hotel already booked” I replied. Rebecca replied “Just cancel it”. So we did. The thought flashed through my mind “I don’t know where I will rest my head. Before going to he church we head to Walmart to get some stuff. I stop to look a a cross-heart pendant and then Rebecca tells the cashier “wrap it up”.

Pastor and his wife

A total stranger, but a sister in Christ just bought it for me. Then we head down to the Church and stop by the Pastors office so that we can get acquainted. As soon as we walk in the Pastor turns white. He says “We move only by the Holy Spirit and that’s how this Church moves”. I replied “Praise God! We’re family”. He then shares that 2 weeks ago he was on this website - looking for ideas for his website and now we are face to face. He said “This is your Church” giving us permission to minister. After the meeting at Rebecca and her husbands home, they said “this is your bed” and then proceeded to sleep on the couch.

Ministry time

Ministry in Connecticut