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Here are the latest happenings

This Past Monday a whole bunch of angels came into the room. We noticed that these angels were different, they were of higher rank. We were instructed to deploy them to the borders of San Bernardino. You may have heard that many angels are just waiting around because we need to learn to work with angels. Hebrews 1:14 says about angels: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”

Also recently Ed's dad who is 93 was getting ready to be promoted into heaven. He had accepted the Lord at an older age and was really young in the faith. I (Pastor Lisa) saw a huge angel where his head was and saw that he was ready to be escorted to heaven. The room became really hot and my 8 year old grandson said that he saw 8 angels come into the room and surround the bed. At 1 a.m. he passed. Soon after Ed had a dream and he saw his dad in heaven in a beginners class catching up to the things he never learned while he was here on earth. How wonderful is our Lord. 

Update Februrary 27, 2019

I just recently reminded of a dream that I had years ago and I believe that I'm supposed to release it now. In the dream I was in another country, with my husband, my grand babies and my mother in law and we were in this really pretty big blue van. We were in this country driving and we parked at this little stadium and there were all these people sitting there on the bleachers. There were a lot of people and we were carrying all these groceries and supplies and rolling a cart. It looked like there was this huge alley which was a street and we were taking it to them to supply their needs. Then we were coming back and on the way back we saw this young lady who looked horrible was standing on the corner. You could see the van on the right and she was on the left of the van. The people in the stadium could see what was going on and she was screaming and contorting and I could hear the demonic as we were getting closer to them. Her body looked like colors and was shaking so badly. My husband saw it and he already knew what to do, he got my grand babies and his mom into to van and he was instructing them to start praying. Pray for everything. The van was a symbol of protection. As I got closer to her I just said "Jesus". I didn't even say it loud. It stopped, then was contorting and screaming as it left her body and she cried and just fell into my arms. When I looked back everyone (in the stadium was gone). I guess they didn't like what they were seeing because she was getting delivered. There were 3 men left there and I walked up to them because I wasn't from their country I couldn't give her the help. I asked if they had any facilities to help her and they said no they can't help her. Her whole family is out there, her whole family is out there. In other words there were many more like her out there. When they said family I knew that this is the bride and the bride is going to get free. She is going to get free from so many things. Those with drug addictions won't have any withdrawals. This is going to happen really soon, I mean quickly. We're going to hear about it and there will be a lot of things happening, amazing things. I really believe this is a now word.