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Other Past Adventures

Women's conference 2011 in Hawaii - Phyllis seeing angels
Shofar blowing in Kaneohe Hawaii

Receiving a prophetic chest

Cora receives a golden box and felt stuck to her seat because of the heaviness. 2 large angels who were there helped her to take it to the front. Later it was found that a there were keys in the box. There was a HUGE key for Ireland. A key to Japan was octagonal in shape. A heart shaped key was for Israel. There was a key for New Zealand/Australia. There was also a map with lighted points of places to go to including New York and New Jersey. 


Older adventures


Greetings from the Lords Mighty Army, 2008 was awesome. It is already 2009 and I just wanted to tell you how much you have all been a blessing to us. In 2008 we have seen God healing people and wanting to take us higher into his presence. By divine appointments, God has put everything together. Like the pieces of a puzzle coming together.

Amazing thing – Luke 10:9 “And heal the sick there, and say to them, the kingdom of God has come near to you.”– God has continued to healed the sick and lame. We didn’t have to lay hands on anyone; God just comes in and touches people. Another person was healed of his hearing. We are expecting miracles to happen. God has come to heal his people - Luke 4:18 “ The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed.” The Lord is causing a lot of peoples gifts to come forth. One pastor saw the glory cloud come in and he was just amazed, he had never seen anything like it. 3 different people in our recent trips were delivered of drug addictions.

2008 was awesome, so many have received healings! A lady’s twisted leg straightened out. Another lady’s hips were out of line and the lord put it back in line and healed her. We had so many healings happen in Memphis. A lady, who had huge ball which was a cyst in her throat, had it dissolved. Lots of people had emotional healings- depression broke off. One lady was so touched by God; she wants to have meetings in her home. One young man was healed of AID’s. Another ladies arm was healed, she had carpel tunnel. Another with Cancer – no trace of cancer in him can be found. So many have came to know the Lord; atheists got touched in their hearts. People have been going down under the power of God. The Youth, many were taken to heaven. One man saw Jesus’ eyes as I was praying for him. Some of the places were able to minister in 2008 have been in Hawaii - Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Kona (Big Island), Memphis, Arizona, Philippines, Texas, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

We will be going back to San Francisco later this year. God put this all together. We will be having a open air meeting and reaching out to primarily the homeless in the Heart of San Francisco. Despite people saying things couldn’t be done, God is in control. I flew out there and then was invited to a business men’s meeting and I met someone who was there only on that day. God connected us to Pastor Evan’s by divine appointment and he will be handling everything from the permits to security. God has provided the finances. Different churches will be gathering there with us in Oct. 2009. Keep this in prayer as we want the Holy Spirit to direct everything.

I took my family to Hawaii and so many people came up to my husband Ed and said thank you for allowing your wife to come out to the Hawaiian Islands to be used by God. My family fell in love with the people out there. We had pineapples everywhere, pineapples on sticks and pineapple juice, on the island of Kauai we got coconuts and mangos and in Kona we got papayas. Everyone was so gracious.

God allowed us to go to back to Israel. We got to pray in certain areas that people are not normally allowed to go to. We got to pray and place scrolls in certain areas. It was kind of dangerous but God allowed us to do it. Gaza was one of the places that we were able to go into. We ran into Benny Hinn who was also there and got to talk to him and take pictures with him. Matt and Lori of TBN were there as well. It was an awesome trip! We got to pray over the military and the youth of Israel – ones of whom is named Moses. If you will, please remember to keep them in prayer. They are so grateful that we are praying for them. We saw the hand of God move in so many ways. We got to meet a young couple from Israel and God was able to move on them. We got to go into Petra which is part of Jordan and was part of the Roman Empire. I got bit by a horse and that enabled Bernadette and myself to go into a hospital, where Americans normally cannot go into. We were able to see all the Muslims in there. We need to pray for them all, because God loves them all. I got to hug kids in Petra and share God’s love with them.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and your financial support. Please be looking at our website for current updates of our upcoming events (including Monday nights).

We have DVD’s of our trips and if you want one, please leave a message. We will try to get them out as soon as we can.

Praise the Lord - We Are Back!

It has been a while since we have written and so much has happened.

Before we share anything we have to say thank you all so very much for all of your individual prayer and support.

We have been travelling to so many places lead by God to spread his word. We have been ministering from Honolulu, Oahu, Fiji, Nandi, Suva, Sacramento, Hayward, Gilroy, Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Highland Park.

As we write this, one of the things that strikes us is how, at each of these meetings God brought us together with so many who have that same kind of heart for God as we do. Ultimately we were privileged to see those hearts given over to god and the joy that it brings to be filled with Gods love, a love like no other in this world.

The year 2006 has been a great year for us. This year we have had the opportunity reach others through radio and television. God opened doors for us to be on TBN and Hosanna Broadcasting. It is amazing how the lord can make things happen that we can not even conceive.

In Hawaii a young girl 9 years old came to one of our meetings for prayer. She wished to be filled with the Holy Spirit. She immediately received her heaven language, raised up from her seat, and began to pray for others as they where being healed. Many shared after a meeting that they saw Jesus and some even said that they saw angels. One young man had gold dust falling on his shoulders as it began to spread all over him then to others. It was a beautiful sight to behold; another woman had oil appear on her hands while praying.

I am amazed of how God is sending us out to pastors that are about to give up on God and how we are instructed to tell them that God has positioned you to do great work. When we are in the will of God the enemy will try anything to stop us. The enemy is already defeated and we are victorious in Jesus Christ! Praise God! We just returned from Texas from a Benny Hinn conference. The lord instructed us to go to Israel. He said you will go in the month of November and he gave us dates. That was not the end of it. The second day at Benny Hinn’s conference, the lord began to speak to me and tell me I am going to show you how important this ministry is to me! Just as soon as he said that Benny Hinn gets up and begins to tell us, God instructed him to go to Israel right on the same days God gave us. Those who were with us were amazed. More amazing I found a prophecy that was given in 2002 that we would go in November to Israel. Praise God!

Many blessings be with you!


Pastor Lisa

Hawaii - May 2005

The praise report for this month comes from events during our recent trip to Hawaii, much of which were a continuation of the prior trip.

Pastor Lisa and Bernadette were asked to help Pastor Dean with prayer and healing at Living Streams Church in Honolulu, as many received from the Lord, including a man named Grant Kobayashi. He received prophesies of healing and salvation for his family, and the Lord spoke of Grant becoming a mighty samurai “spiritual” warrior.

The next day we felt angels and anointing emanating from Pastor Dean's nearby church as we ate at a food court with our brother in Christ, Paul whom we had met on the last trip. The Lord told us that the anointing from the church nearby would soon cause healing's to take place at the food court. As we ate we saw a massive angel in the middle of the food court.

Paul then took us to a ridge overlooking Honolulu where the Lord told Alex and Lisa to release a scroll of miracles over the land. From here we departed to Kauai to re-visit one of the churches where a lady told us of a dream which coincided with experiences we had from our first visit. In this dream she saw two ladies chanting over a basket in a Hindu church (the same Hindu church we went into spiritual warfare against), when 4 fireballs from the sky hit the church (1 hit the basket, 2 hit the door, 1 hit a cave), and sent the ladies running for their lives. There was also a 5th fireball headed for the church. (which means cleaning the church/cleaning the bride). Travis said he kept seeing the Cookie monster and Grover (1 week before the trip). At the event Pastor Lisa was in charge of a room whre the graduates could rest. She got to minister to some of the kids - asking what is next in life, do you know Jesus?                      

That night we chaperoned a High School grad party where Travis and Alex went into spiritual warfare, where two big party balloons of the Cookie Monster and Grover were floating nearby. The next day we were invited to a High School graduation dinner, where there were roughly 30 students at Scotty’s Restaurant. The whole place was reserved for this occasion. At the event Pastor Lisa was in charge of a room where the graduates could rest. She got to ask questions like - what is next in life, do you know Jesus. We got to minister to them and many came to know the Lord and 2 were filled with the Holy Spirit? One kid named Wendell had really been touched, for the next day he came by our hotel for more. This proved that the Cookie monster and Grover were confirmation to be there.

Following this, a local pastor named Matteo took us to speak life and healing into the land where James Cook had brought Christianity to the island over a century ago. Rounding out the trip, we met with the Mayor of the Island to pray and prophesy over him. Each night of the trip we gathered, God's glory covered us as we prayed.