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Philippines Trip

Our trip to the Philippines was wonderful. We were praying and then the Lord told us that we would be going into the city of Cebu – he assigned us to go and pray for the waters and directing us where to go. The Lord gave Bernadette a map while we were in Hawaii thinking it was one of the Hawaiian Islands not knowing it was a map of Cebu. Then we saw the map drawn on a purse in a store in Manila. The Lord always shows us clues of where we will be going, this was our confirmation about going to Cebu.

The transportation was already waiting for us. The driver took us to the 1st museum and didn’t feel like this was the place. The 2nd place that we stopped we knew we were supposed to stop. The Holy Spirit was directing us to go up a hill. I felt pushed in this direction. When we arrived there were all of these people that were directed to meet at this same place. 

It was a book of acts experience.

I saw white flowing angels all around them. I said “Praise God” and they said “Praise God”. I started going into prophecy and people were falling under the power of God and all crying. They knew God sent us and them there all at the same time. Then they told us how God brought them here from all from different islands. They asked us to pray for the rest of the group outside the museum and then we went out and prayed for the rest of the group. There was passing traffic and people were stopping to look at what was going on – it was a book of Acts experience. We had an impromptu Service outside.  

We were directed by the Holy Spirit to go the ocean and intercede. We found out after ) that many had been kidnapped and the Lord would open eyes of his people. He would come in and pour out upon all flesh

Meeting Rabbi Daniel in the Philippines

 We met Rabbi Daniel who was on his way to the Philippines to dedicate a second prayer tower in Manila.
We saw massive angels all over the place. I felt the Lord’s heart pleased with what was happening… I heard him say new beginnings. Something came over me and caused me to cry out “Glory to the most high God…. Blessed will be the Lamb of God who will reign forever and ever”.....
He is going to unite his bride… who will be walking in glory for Him. It was a mighty event. As we were leaving, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to hug a lady and the Lord spoke and said “your healing is here” and she fell on the floor. Bernadette received a picture of many books and told the leaders of the Prayer Tower and they walked us to a empty shelf of books. They were waiting for books to fill the shelves so they laughed. I saw a young man there and asked “Do you want to know Jesus”? He hesitated and then said “yes, I want to know him”. I put my hand on his heart and said father reveal yourself. He began to cry out and after we prayed, he cried out so strong. I knew he saw something; there was a glow all over his face. I knew he saw our Lord. After seeing this I prayed “Lord give me more souls like this”.

After that we went to Quezon province – and the Lord moved on the ministry group (that we had met up there)e to take their keyboards, sound equipment and guitars on a boat to the little villages where people don’t have radios or TV’s. We walked for an hour to get to the villages. The ministry group then setup their equipment and we got to go in there and minister to them about the Love of Jesus Christ. We got to minister to non-believers. The one thing that the Lord impressed on me to share was the Lords love. I got to preach to a lot of people who don’t know him.
It was interesting to see how they would eat on banana leaves and they would keep their food in a hole for 3 days with a block of ice (since they don’t have refrigeration). We had to go back by boat since the path that we had taken to get here was dark
There were so many who were healed. One teenager who had an angry heart was healed. The next day she was a completely different person. The other people there couldn’t believe the changes. There was a boy in his teens that got to meet with Jesus for about an hour. He was talking and singing to Jesus. He shared that Jesus told him “Many know me in their minds but not in their heart”. He began to weep. We take so much for granted… the children there didn’t even know what pizza was. They eat just rice and fish. We take so much for granted and don’t know how blessed we are. Many children sleep in parks and dig trash for food. Many of the children were asking for money and we gave them food and ice cream instead. There was a man with back and leg pain. As he was being healed, he said it felt like his arms and legs were being stretched. We are still getting reports back from them of different ways that the Lord has healed them.
“Yes, I want to know him”

Meeting Jesus


Enjoying Ice Cream for the first time

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